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By Andover Discount Dance, Apr 7 2017 04:28PM

With competition season already in full swing, getting ready is probably starting to become second nature to you.

Costumes, hair and makeup oh my!

If this is your first year competing you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Who wouldn’t? Especially if you aren’t a makeup expert or have much experience doing your makeup. Well this girl is ready to help you out!

In the link below is a fun competition makeup tutorial from one of the Princesses of Dance Competitions. Kendall from Dance Moms shows us her “everyday” competition makeup routine. Click the link below to see her video on how she gets ready to rock out on stage.

By Andover Discount Dance, Mar 10 2017 09:48PM

It's that time of year again when you start to prep for competition. You've worked hard, stretched, practiced, sweat and bled for this, so the last thing you want to do is forget or overlook something. (Oh the horror!) SO, take a page from Your Daily Dance and start your packiing prep off right with a checklist. Click the link below to see how Your Daily Dance preps.

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By Andover Discount Dance, Mar 3 2017 04:54PM

"Voguing will help any dancer sharpen her attention to detail and develop a confident performance quality. In this style, face-framing arm and hand movements are layered on top of different walks. House of Ninja founding member Archie Burnett likes to have students face the mirror and runway-walk forward, emphasizing clarity in every position. Here, he shows a basic phrase with sharp lines and angles. For each new arm position, take a step forward, crossing your legs at the thighs."

Terrific article with a great video! Take a look here

Posted on Dance Teacher Magazine on February 20, 2017 by Rachel Rizzuto

By Andover Discount Dance, Mar 1 2017 05:35PM

Article by Sarah Arnold, March 29, 2016 of

"Many people want to know when they can go “on pointe”. I will give you some helpful tips but please check first with your teacher. Your teacher has the final word. He or she sees you, hopefully; at least three days per week."

Click HERE to read her amazing article and watch her informative videos!

DISCLAIMER: All content and links in this arrticle are property of Sarah Arnold and her website

By Andover Discount Dance, Feb 16 2017 08:23PM

Have you heard of the Active Isolated Flexibility technique? Here is a great video about stretching from Michele Assaf and The Whartons at Broadway Dance Centre. Check them out on their channel “Cool Dance Channel” on Youtube. Click below to learn and stretch. Enjoy!

Active Isolated Flexibility and Stretching from Broadway Dance Centre
Active Isolated Flexibility and Stretching from Broadway Dance Centre

By Andover Discount Dance, Feb 15 2017 03:46PM

Forsythe’s monumental, four-act ballet Artifact has been inspiring both performers and audiences since its premiere in 1984. Two Boston Ballet dancers, Misa Kuranaga and Patrick Yocum, have been rehearsing with Forsythe in preparation for the North American company premiere of Artifact in February. Catch a glimpse of rehearsals and hear how their experience working with the world-renowned choreographer has changed these dancers, giving them a fresh perspective on ballet.

written by:

Boston Ballet on February 2, 2017

Click the link for the amazing interview!

By guest, Nov 8 2016 04:54PM

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